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Lindsay Brandon is a visual artist, performer and yoga educator residing in Calgary Alberta Canada.  With over 10 years experience she approaches her sessions from a holistic mind/body perspective, teaching people to get in touch with their perceived limitations and move beyond illusory borders to step into a life they truly love.

She the mastermind behind FreeQueenShe  - a monikor to showcase her artistic endeavors and talents and Drishti Visuals - her video/photography projects.

Mission Statement: 


My mission is to inspire people to dream big!  By encouraging others to take a deep look inside, to carve a prosperous path to their highest self,  and to blur the lines between work and play to integrate their personalities and strengths into all they do.

 What are the chances of meeting anyone on the planet?  I am curious and excited by the souls I encounter and look forward to each interaction in the dance of life.

Connecting through presence, learning through interaction and taking my part in constructing a new world - awake!

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