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Conjunction Gardens

This is a love story.

Conjunction gardens was birthed at the time of the great conjunction of jupiter and saturn in 2020.  where 2 creators fell in-love.  Lindsay brandon and chris ziehr decided to become hemp farmers and build their dreams.  They grew vegetables for the summer of 2021 while experimenting with hemp farming and researched the many directions they will go!  over winter they moved the garden indoors, began fermenting, soap making, exploring mycology, aquaponics, robotics and created videos of their inventions. the garden will double in size for 2022.  as will the hemp crop.  We are excited to be studying and practising permaculture.  We are in the planning stages to build a passive solar greenhouse and grow a whole swath of vegetables to feed ourselves and the world around us~



Our mission is towards self-sufficiency, resilliency and regenerative agriculture.   We aim to build the homestead as an example of how we can regenerate monocultured crop lands to thriving soil teeming with life.  To reconnect to the microbes and mycorrhizae of the world as therin lies many solutions yet to be seen. 

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