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Hello my name is Lindsay and I am the mastermind behind Freequeenshe.  I strive to help others awaken to their true selves and come alive to their purpose.  I offer one-on-one coaching sessions for womxn who want to dive deeper, find comfort in their bodies and dismantle limiting beliefs.  With support in the spirit of co-creation, I can help you learn how to express your soul song and share your passion with the world. 

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True fulfillment for Lindsay is to be committing her life lived hours to a dream she believes in.   For the past 12 years Lindsay has been an avid entrepreneur, building her fitness business Bodybeat and have numerous smaller enterprises along the way such as "One of a Kind on Your Mind" hat company and Eco Soaps a natural handmade body product company.  Her creative spirit and thirst for expansion led her to collaborating with all kinds of dancers, poets and musicians to embrace the stage time and time again.  Each show grows her love of performing and experiencing life through the arts. 

True happiness stems from leading a life full of creativity as well as a sense of service to the community through her art, classes and offerings.

Working privately with clients Lindsay helps people identify what their true gifts and passion are and assists them in realizing their dreams.  Together we identify current patterns and uncover stories that subconsciously direct choices, limiting beliefs and perceptions about oneself.  This is heaven on earth and Lindsay believes our purpose here is to show up more fully in that which brings us joy.  Step into Heaven on Earth and show up as the bright star that you inherently are and meant to be!

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